October 13, 2014

Art and Soul Recap - Jane Davies Post Card Class

Hi everyone,

Last weekend I went to Art and Soul in Virginia Beach with my friend Patti Parrish and her friend Gail.  We signed up for classes almost a *year* ago, so when the time finally arrived, we were both super excited.  I signed up for 3 classes with Jane Davies, and then a 2-day class with Donna Watson.  Today I'll recap my first class with Jane.

Jane first caught my eye with her Postcard Project, so of course I had to sign up for "The Art of the Postcard".  The goal with this project was to create one sheet of paper, 8 x 12, that had four distinctly different quadrants, but had an overall cohesive composition.  Definitely a challenge.

We learned about making marks with different drawing implements and tools, and some tips on how to approach the "different-ness" if that makes sense.  Here is my completed composition, and then the four post cards individually.

We were "allowed" to make a few marks after cutting the post cards that would make them even more different, but I didn't have time for that part.  I would consider this first post card to be "done", although I may add a thin white line with a gel pen overlapping the black line going across the page.

I would also consider this one done.

This one needs a little more work...  More marks to make.

And I think this one needs a *little* more work... something horizontal across the whole card... lines? paint? pattern? collage?  Time will tell...

I used several of my stamps on these projects - some have stamping, and some have collage tissue paper made with the stamps.  I love how versatile they are at giving texture/pattern to any piece.

I'll be back tomorrow to recap more Jane stuff. See you then!

~ ellen.

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Inky and Quirky said...

Lovely colours Ellen,your art is always full of happiness :)

Donna xxx