October 14, 2014

Art and Soul Recap - More Jane Davies

Hello again...

Today I'm recapping my recent weekend at Art and Soul in Virginia Beach.  Yesterday I shared some pix from my first class with Jane Davies.  Today I'll talk about the second class I took with Jane, called "Art Therapy for Your Inner Critic" - OH BOY do I ever have an inner critic!  I think we all do. 

This class was designed to help you identify ways to work *with* your inner critic rather than try to silence her (or him) altogether, which, let's face it, is never gonna happen.  I used one of my pieces in a similar way to the Post Card class... I cut it up into four pieces (that wasn't part of the assignment... I just felt like I wanted to... so I did).  

In today's class, the goal was not to make anything finished or pretty.  It was all about different techniques to push through a block.  Try working with colors you *don't* like, and then add a few that you *do* like on the same piece.  Then do the opposite... start with colors you *do* like, and then add some colors you *don't* like... it's amazing how, in each case, the piece comes together in unexpected ways. 

If you have a section that you just hate... try covering it up with white paint, then lifting some to create a veil, or scratching through the white paint with graphite or the end of a paint brush, or a water color crayon to create a new pattern, then lift.  If you follow Jane's blog, then I'm sure you have seen that she uses these techniques repeatedly in her work, so I don't feel bad sharing them with you.

I don't feel that any of these pieces are done - they all need some more work.  But it's great to know you can get a piece to a point where you can see more needs to be done, and have an arsenal of techniques to push it to a new place.  After all, it's just paper and paint... if you don't like where it goes, cover it up and add more.  

One of my favorite exercises in this class was called "speed painting" - but I'll talk more about that tomorrow.  It's a great way to get a piece started.

Again, I was able to find ways to use many of my stamps in these projects.  I love that they work for card making as well as art journaling or abstract art!  

I'll be back again tomorrow with Jane-Day 3.

~ ellen.


Krisha said...

These classes really sound interesting. I like what you are showing here.

sam21ski said...

Oooh sounds fab, it's great when you can just play and I love your vibrant colours xxx

Anneke said...

Very interesting reading your art journey getting to this point. I would love to be creative this way. And you are right it's just paint and paper. Maybe I will do this journey myself. Thanks for sharing Anneke.

Kirsten Alicia Sheridan said...

Sounds like you had a great time. I love what you created.